Are You A Woman Over 40 Who Is Struggling To Lose Weight?

Get Lasting Weight Loss Using Female Specific Fitness & Nutrition Tailored To Your 40+ Body In The Next 28 Days

Optimise Hormones & Metabolism To See Results Even After 40!

As a midlife woman, your metabolism isn't what it once was in your 20's & 30's. The science tells us that as we age our metabolism starts to decline and fluctuating hormones means mid life weight loss need's a different approach. Stop following generic fitness and nutrition advice that was originally aimed at men and athlete's, that leaves you yo-yo dieting and unable to stick to.
It's time to do things differently!

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Diets Not Working The Same Anymore? Discover the new way to transform your midlife body and health for life

You don't need more free information, the next trendy workout, or a super restrictive cookie cutter meal plan. 

Trust me… I've tried them all, every diet, every workout, every trick out there. 

And you know what? It still didn’t work for the long term, and I certainly didn't look like the 20 year old fitness influencer who sold it!

Yeah, I looked fit and hot in my 20's too and my diet consisted of vodka and microwave meals and my cardio was dancing in the clubs until all hours. You don't impress me, come back when you are 40+ then we can talk.

Mid life weight gain hit's differently. It creeps on little by little, kills your energy, a good night sleep becomes a thing of the past and confidence start to take a hit. Even though you are working out and trying to eat healthily, your body constantly aches and it all feels like a struggle. What you were once doing just doesn't work any more.

The fluctuations in hormones begin to change where you hold onto your fat and how you respond to certain forms of exercise.

You need to stop working out like a crazy person that just leaves you feeling frazzled and is actually damaging hormone fluctuations more and fuel your body correctly.

Want to achieve your desired results by using a programme that is tailored to your age?

What if you could...

Learn how to work with your body, optimise your hormones, and improve your metabolism with female specific exercise and nutrition

Release body fat whilst quitting the dieting mentality for GOOD

Get better sleep and gain more energy

Get a body that is fitter, stronger, and leaner so that you can feel more confident, energised and see results even after 40!! In just 3 x 30 minute workouts per week.

Get supported and motivated in developing your health habits over time, so you can get a Better Body that looks and feels amazing at any age.

With effective training for the 40+ woman, simple nutrition tweaks and lifestyle hacks you can feel connected, fitter, stronger, more toned and confident in your body once again.  

This is about creating a flexible programme that works for YOU as an individual, all from the comfort of your own home.

I'm Emma

I have been a health and fitness coach for 20 years. I have always loved all things womens health ever since I graduated university with a degree in Sports Science and love to live and active lifestyle.

I have done many qualifications over the years and have more recently re-certified as a nutrition coach.

Even with my wealth of experience, being in the trenches teaching and practicing fitness & nutrition. As I approached the age of 40 things within my body started to change.

I had grown to feel more disconnected with my own body.  My weight was gradually increasing. Truthfully I just wasn't feeling great.

My periods stopped, I felt constantly tired, I wasn't sleeping well, my body constantly ached and literally none of my clothes were fitting anymore. I always workout and eat healthily but with a balance, this girl loves me a glass of wine or beer and I aint stopping that any time soon.

But the weight was just starting to increase even though I felt like my exercising and eating habits were still the same. I decided that I wanted to dive right in on all of the latest health, fitness and nutrition advice related to the midlife woman and those dealing with peri and menopausal symptoms, or even for the woman that is heading that way.  

I was excited that this is an area of physiology that is finally getting some more attention and lots of new information is coming to light. Fast forward to now and I just feel so much more balance in my body. I can more easily maintain my bodyweight without having to be 'perfect' with my diet.  

Actually working out less, eating more and finally feeling more balanced with my insatiable sweet tooth. Coming back to sleeping better and having more energy once again!

I want this for you too!

I know after years of coaching over 1000 women from across the world, I know that when you have the support and accountability of a community, your ability to hit your goals increases...along with your confidence and overall happiness

 Thank you for the last 28 days. Emma is a magnificent mentor and coach. She has taught and inspired so much. Before I joined I exercised and ran, but she taught me the nutritional side too, how to tone with weights and most of all to focus on balance which I lacked. I would exercise in the past and then think oh I can eat that bag of crisps or drink that glass of wine because I’ve just done an exercise class. I am going to continue to grow and keep learning from my experience with you, I have realised 6.6 lbs and I know it’s not just about the scales I also feel fitter, more toned and educated. Thank you so much

Kerry - UK - 28 Day Results


Online Better Body Club

A 28 day plan to move you towards feeling confident working out from home with just a pair of dumbbells!!
We work on supporting you to develop your routine for nutrition, fitness and self care so you can finally start treating your body like it's something that you love. Work closely with me as your coach and guide.

All for just £49!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Goal Getting Guide - Set empowering goals, align your mindset and start to believe in your yourself and your goals. How to set empowering goals guide so you set crystal clear targets and empower your Better Body mindset
  • Step by step plan to follow via our extensive members website and or app so you can work through one step at time, stay out of overwhelm and feel fully supported and guided to successful fat loss results. The new app also makes it super easy to use and access any time, anywhere all from the app on your phone.
  • Debunking the diet fads and myths and sharing the most up to date science and delivering it bite sizes pieces (pun intended) so that it can easily be applied to you and your busy life. Taking out the guesswork and giving you a step by step approach to your eating habits and lifestyle behaviours.

  • Workout library Metabolism boosting workouts for all fitness levels. You only need 30 minutes, a small space and a pair of dumbbells. We give you a workout schedule and recommend just 3 workouts per week. 
  • Support and accountability from me as your personal coach to guide and hold you accountable on your 30 day journey. All of your questions answered via the community feature and regular check in's along the way. Plus the amazing support from our community of 40+ women.
  • Live Challenges -  Monthly support from me as your coach, live monthly check in sessions and monthly challenges to keep you motivated and inspired to keep on working towards your health goals.

What Clients Are Saying

What our clients are saying about Online Better Body Coaching

My eating is soooo much better, regular eating healthy and full of goodness! Pressed reset and found some really good new habits, the ones I've had in the past but this time they seem more manageable. My confidence is up, and general wellbeing, thank you so much for the prompts, the support and the amazing workouts!


I've got so much energy, my clothes are loads looser and more comfortable and I feel so much stronger It was also really enjoyable and I haven't felt restricted, I've still had wine and chocolate and I'm really enjoying eating much more healthily. It's about so much more than just dropping a size or 'losing x amount of weight'. Emma actually wants you to have a better body and a better life long term, the plan is actually sustainable and feels like a life change rather than a quick fix, but I still can't believe how much better I feel and look so quickly


4 weeks progress. 13lb and 9.5 inches gone! I'm so happy, almost a stone and so excited to carry on. Feeling so much better about myself, thank you. Online Better Body came just at the right time for me.



Better Body Cook Book

Never run out of healthy amazing meal ideas again. Get the 30 day cookbook filled with 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners.

The Better Body Journal

Discover how to journal your way to your happy healthy body.

Midlife, Menopause & Weight Loss Workshop

Bonus training and in depth tools to navigate midlife and menopause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The workouts are designed to be performed in a very small space and you don't need any special equipment, just a mat. If you can, then get hold of a pair of dumbbells to get even more from each session. All sessions are pre-recorded so you can do them at a time that works for you. The exercise is really a very small part of what you will get out of this plan.

Once you sign up via the payment link you will be added to our email list and get immediate access to the members portal and app. You will get a series of emails to guide you though the exact steps to take. You will also get access to our brand new members site that is super easy to access even from a mobile, and also private members only community group. In here you will get all of the daily tips, support and have a space to ask questions and of course be held accountable. This is an amazing space of positive amazing women who are all there to support you every step of the way.

Absolutely, we have members of all levels even complete beginners. There will be lots of options given during each of the sessions.