How To Get Healthier, Leaner & Stronger In The Next 28 Days

It's time to break the dieting cycle!!

Discover the exact steps to break free from dieting, repair your relationship with food and your body so that you can feel fitter, healthier and more confident in your skin.

A step by step online group fitness, nutrition and mindset programme to transform your mind, body and  health without giving up all the things you love.

happy, healthy you

Are you sick of the on off dieting cycle? Discover the new way to transform your body and health for life

You don't actually need fancy diets or long boring workouts....

Trust me…

I've tried them all. Every diet. Every workout. Every trick out there.
And you know what? It still didn’t work for the long term!!!

That’s when I decided to drop the struggle and the rules and instead do things MY WAY.

What did my way look like?

 No working out like a crazy person
No obsessing over every morsel of food  
No complicated formulas to follow  
No stressful rules
 No restricting or punishing

What if you could...

- Align with your happy healthy body WITHOUT giving up all of the foods and social events that you love
- Release body fat whilst quitting the dieting mentality for GOOD
- Move your body and feel good without needing to step foot inside a gym

No matter how busy you are already, better health, more energy and a body that feels good to be in is totally achievable no matter your age, size or current fitness levels. With effective movement sessions, simple nutrition tweaks and lifestyle hacks you can feel connected, fitter, stronger, more toned and empowered in your body once again.  

This is about creating a flexible programme that works for YOU as an individual, all from the comfort of your own home.

 Thank you for the last 28 days. Emma is a magnificent mentor and coach. She has taught and inspired so much. Before I joined I exercised and ran, but she taught me the nutritional side too, how to tone with weights and most of all to focus on balance which I lacked. I would exercise in the past and then think oh I can eat that bag of crisps or drink that glass of wine because I’ve just done an exercise class. I am going to continue to grow and keep learning from my experience with you, I have realised 6.6 lbs and I know it’s not just about the scales I also feel fitter, more toned and educated. Thank you so much

Kerry - UK - 28 Day Results


Online Better Body Coaching

An online programme where you can feel confident working out from home with just a pair of dumbbells!!
We work on supporting you to develop your routine for nutrition, fitness and  self care so you can finally start treating your body like it's something that you love.

Here's what you'll get:

  • How to set empowering goals guide so you set crystal clear targets and empower your Better Body mindset
  • Step by step course guide via our extensive members website and or app so you can work through one step at time, stay out of overwhelm and feel fully supported and guided every step of the way. The new app also makes it super easy to use and access any time anywhere.
  • We will be debunking the diet fads and myths and sharing the most up to date information and delivering it bite sizes pieces (pun intended) so that it can easily be applied to you and your busy life. Taking out the guesswork and giving you a step by step approach to your eating habits and lifestyle behaviours.
  • Scheduled workouts with me as your coach, to be guided through your workouts with live feedback from the comfort of your own home using just a pair of dumbbells. 30-40 minute
  • A full workout library and recordings with workout schedule, so that you can make your workout schedule flexible to fit in with your life.
  • Support and accountability from our incredible group of women who are all there will you on the same mission supporting each other every step of the way

Inside The Course

Empowering Your Healthy Mindset

Designing clear goals and creating simple steps to get back to moving towards them without all of the overwhelm and stress.

How To Build The Perfect Plate

Learn how to build your better body plate to support you in curbing cravings and start eating more intuitively for lasting lifestyle changes

Simple Shifts

Proven daily rituals that will support you in losing weight without having to completely give up alcohol, desserts or carbs

Debunking Diet Myths

Learning the truth about your weight loss diet and ditching these lies and toxic thought patterns for good.

Eating For Life

Discovering what it means to eat mindfully and intuitively so you can break free from dieting and maintain your happy healthy body whilst you still get to live your life. Plus access to the band new cook book. Never run out of tasty, healthy meal ideas

Keeping It Together

Learn the tools, habits and mindset to keep it all together so that you finally put an end to the yo-yo dieting.


Better Body Cook Book

Never run out of healthy amazing meal ideas again. Get the 30 day cookbook filled with 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners.
**** Brand new and updated for 2022

The Better Body Journal

Discover how to journal your way to your happy healthy body.

Better Body Visualisations & Meditations 

Get aligned with the high energy vibe of your Best body with our meditation and visualisation audios

Get Started Today

Get instant access and get started today!

Sign up now, get ready to ditch the diets, reclaim your life, your body and get back to feeling the freedom of the life you love without the pressure and stress of dieting.

What Clients Are Saying

What our clients are saying about Online Better Body Coaching

My eating is soooo much better, regular eating healthy and full of goodness! No longer starving/bingeing. Pressed reset and found some really good new habits, the ones I've had in the past but this time they seem more manageable. My confidence is up, and general wellbeing, thank you so much for the prompts, the support and the amazing workouts!


I've got so much energy, my clothes are loads looser and more comfortable and I feel so much stronger It was also really enjoyable and I haven't felt restricted, I've still had wine and chocolate and I'm really enjoying eating much more healthily. It's about so much more than just dropping a size or 'losing x amount of weight'. Emma actually wants you to have a better body and a better life long term, the plan is actually sustainable and feels like a life change rather than a quick fix, but I still can't believe how much better I feel and look so quickly


4 weeks progress. 13lb and 9.5 inches gone! I'm so happy, almost a stone and so excited to carry on. Feeling so much better about myself, thank you. Online Better Body came just at the right time for me.


I'm Emma

I'm a serial entrepreneur, health, mindset and lifestyle coach.

Content creator, author, wife and mum of two very active young boys.  I'm on a mission to help women who are working so damn hard to keep all of their balls up in the air, to overcome stress and overwhelm. Get it together and create a life of better health, balance, freedom and fun.  

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. I'm passionate about focusing on mindset and mindfulness and helping women to love the body they are in, moving away from diet and restriction and empowering you to make healthier choices with more ease and creat a life you freaking love.  

I know after years of coaching 100's of women from across the world, I know for a fact that when you have the support and accountability of a community, your ability to hit your goals increases...along with your confidence and overall happiness.

Sign Up Now And Get All Of This

Weekly Live Workouts (Value £90)
Monthly Coaching Training & Challenge (Value £50)
Exclusive Facebook Community (Priceless)
Mindset Course (Value £97)
Body Meditation (Value £27)
Journal Prompts (Value £27)



One-time payment

  • Access to courses 
  • Bonuses
  • Email & community group

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The workouts are designed to be performed in a very small space and you don't need any special equipment, just a mat. If you can, then get hold of a pair of dumbbells to get even more from each session. Live sessions are at 6am or 8am UK but are recorded if you cannot make it live.

Once you sign up via the payment link you will be added to our email list and get immediate access to the members portal and app. You will get a series of emails to guide you though the exact steps to take. You will also get access to our brand new members site that is super easy to access even from a mobile, and also private members only Facebook group. In here you will get all of the daily tips, support and have a space to ask questions and of course be held accountable. This is an amazing space of positive amazing women who are all there to support you every step of the way.

Absolutely, we have members of all levels even complete beginners. There will be lots of options given during each of the sessions.