6 Week Summer Sculpt

Would you like to release 8-14lb whilst breaking free from dieting, repair your relationship with food and your body so that you can feel fitter, more toned and feel confident in your clothes again this summer?

Are You ready For A Mind And Body Transformation?

If your health and fitness routine have taken a back seat over the last 2 years, just know you’re not alone. I'm here to help.
I’ll help you learn how to eat better (without dieting or feeling deprived).
I’ll help you get active (no matter what shape you’re in now).
I’ll help you achieve and maintain your goals (even when life feels unpredictable).


Online Better Body Coaching's
6 Week Summer Sculpt

An online programme where you can feel confident working out from home with just a pair of dumbbells!!
We work on supporting you to develop your routine for nutrition, fitness and  self care so you can finally start treating your body like it's something that you love and get ready to feel better and more confident in your skin just in time for summer.

Get ready to achieve your body goals

Here's what you'll get:

- 3 x 30 min pre recorded workouts for 6 weeks ready for you to access at any time
- Step by Step nutrition guide- Recipes & meal planners
- Weekly challenges
- BONUS ** Buy now and get lifetime access. So you can re-do the plan time and time again, year after year

Everything you need in a step by step guide.

Get lifetime access for just £27,

What Clients Are Saying

What our clients are saying about Online Better Body Coaching

My eating is soooo much better, regular eating healthy and full of goodness! No longer starving/bingeing. Pressed reset and found some really good new habits, the ones I've had in the past but this time they seem more manageable. My confidence is up, and general wellbeing, thank you so much for the prompts, the support and the amazing workouts!


I've got so much energy, my clothes are loads looser and more comfortable and I feel so much stronger It was also really enjoyable and I haven't felt restricted, I've still had wine and chocolate and I'm really enjoying eating much more healthily. It's about so much more than just dropping a size or 'losing x amount of weight'. Emma actually wants you to have a better body and a better life long term, the plan is actually sustainable and feels like a life change rather than a quick fix, but I still can't believe how much better I feel and look so quickly


4 weeks progress. 13lb and 9.5 inches gone! I'm so happy, almost a stone and so excited to carry on. Feeling so much better about myself, thank you. Online Better Body came just at the right time for me.